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Front End Developer / Social Worker

Looking for my first dev job, while exploring, experimenting and mostly having fun building stuff. I currently work as a Social Worker until I land a satisfying job in the industry.



Static website made for a local bistro in my town, basic features with beautiful design that reflects the place atmosphere and personality.

Typing Game

A typing game made with common score calculation. Did not implement for MOBILE usage. This project enhanced my React skills, practiced managing state without Redux.


Full Stack Application. An Instagram Clone. React/Redux with focus on auth, upload and DB.

Personal Website

My Personal Website. Built purely with CSS Preprocessor (SASS) and PUG for HTML Templating. Developed and built with Gulp workflow. Sketching explored through Adobe XD.

More Projects


Phone formatter is a NPM package which allows the user to format a given phone number, return it with spacing according to international convention. Currently format israeli numbers only.

Weather App

Five days weather forecast based on location with search query option. Takes advantage of google's geolocation, isn't implemented for mobile devices though. Makes use of Weatherbit.io free API. The app was built with Reactjs.

Tomatoro Pomadoro

A simple Pomodoro Clock app with React implementation. Was built quite fast for practice purposes only.

Boris Povolotsky

Front End

Based in Israel